Mooshny Complaint management should not be forgotten . As desirable as it may be to not have to deal with customer complaints simply because there aren’t any the idea is illusory. So if you are able to take a complaint seriously show  and offer a quick solution you can also help to strengthen the relationship. At the same time complaint management is an important part of value creation in the company because it reveals potential for improvement Loyalty Rewards Another form of customer loyalty follows the reward for.

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Customer loyalty known from the area. Such incentive programs can be design in different ways: For example premiums can be issu toset up Peru Phone Number List incentive portals with which the purchases in the company are reward. Programs bas on this concept are also offer to private customers in the sector or as an internal motivational incentive for employees. Bonus programs also have a long tradition in B C. The collection of bonus points in order to be able to achieve discounts on later purchases can also be integrat into an online shop environment so that the customer can immiately see his future advantage when shopping.

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In addition there are more or less regular discount campaigns with which immiate price ructions are promis. This option can be us on the one hand KY Lists for customer loyalty and on the other hand for new customer acquisition.  the customer in the B B area is much more individual than in the private customer business the reward systems must also be logical. Basically constant discounts as a sign of accommodation arouse false expectations in the customer. After all price ructions are only possible to a limit extent and the principle of cost-effectiveness also applies to companies. Advantages of any kind should therefore always be clearly link to.

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