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Accordingly the strategy should contain the elementary activities. A strategy paper without implementation activities regularly fails. plann measures and specific activities that promote business development with appropriate innovations. In particularthis also includes activities relat to innovation scoutingie the identification of trends and new or adapt business areas bas on them. . Networking When pursuing a business development strategya company regularly ventures into new territory. New productsnew markets or generally a new way of doing business regularly presents companies with challenges and requires them to develop corresponding problem-solving skills. Business development strategies are not bas on the idea of ​​optimizing existing processesbut rather on implementing new processes According.

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A variety of multiplier contacts and/or external partnerships and supporters within the business area to be penetrat and outside of the existing Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List business. For this reasonthe clear recommendation is that all growth-orient companies get involv in networks Networking must take place both internally and externallywhich is associat with clear challengesespecially in many hierarchically structur corporations. For this reasonmany companies form startup hubs or digital hubs to simplify cooperation with external partners. This allows business development concepts to be actively implement beyond classic line structures and silos.

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In the internal relationshipit is first important to identify the relevant departments and people who are necessary for the successful implementation of KY Lists a business development strategy. The resulting internal infrastructure then exploits the  regular exchange and structur knowlge management. In both external and internal network buildingthe focus  potential and contribute to further development and to what extent. This influences the ultimate success of such networks for one’s own business development goals. . Incentive systems In order to ensure business development activities in the long termthese must be reward. Corresponding incentive systems should be present transparently for all actors involv in business development. This creates an awareness of business development andat bestinfluences the.

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