Know your target group and their specific nes. advertising campaign In our persona workshop  you will receive the tools you ne to segment target groups and create specific personas for your company. Find out now about dates and content Legend Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Promotional campaign for live young and repeatly advertises with funny babies in its campaigns. In  the Evian Roller Babies came a sensation. The Baby & Me advertising campaign follow in . There adults danc in front of a window pane in which they were reflect as a baby. Evian recently attract attention with the oversiz.

Our conclusion The campaign met

Campaign She creat oversiz outfits to remind people how oversiz the world is when you’re a baby. The goal of the campaign is to re-experience the tri and Venezuela Phone Number List test message There is youth in each of us it just nes to  reviv. The campaign continu in with The Amazing Spider-Man Baby and in with The Baby Bare Neessities.and thus takes up the topic of recycling. with a great response worldwide and came a viral marketing success with countless clicks.  online marketing and remains true to this strategy. Promotional Campaign # Metro Trains Dumb Ways To Die Melbourne Metro Trains want to send an important message to passengers to avoid accidents. Cute cartoon characters were combin with catchy music and some macabre humor. Metro Trains want to inform people but also entertain them.

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Evian Babies The Evian brand stands

That’s how the funny lyrics about all the stupid ways of dying like accidentally selling both kidneys on the internet came about in . The message was to KY Lists careful around trains as you could get caught by one. What a dumb way to die! The song was in the top songs on iTunes within the first hours. The video also enjoy great popularity on the Internet. The cartoon characters were seen on Metro Trains trains you could have your picture taken next to you and later cuddly toys an app and a textbook were also creat. TheAdvertising campaign was so successful that accidents and fatalities decreas by percent. Dumb Ways To Die was the campaign with the most awards at Cannes  Lions. Our conclusion Creativity.

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