Means that managers have to formulate or approve the goals and thus also contribute to the marketing roadmap. . Target group definition : the right target group approach Part of the marketing roadmap is the alignment of . In the st caseyou have already carri out a target group analysis and creat personas . You ne to know your target group in order to fill your marketing roadmap with marketing measures that are appropriate in terms of content. . Formulate marketing measures and fill them with specific content Now that you know your target group exactly and know what is important to themyou must select the right marketing measures.

Measures to the target group

Record them in the roadmap. Which strategy do you pursue in your marketing work and through which activities are specific sub-goals achiev  the Qatar Phone Number List relationships tween individual measures clear to one another. Furthermorethe roadmap shows in a structur way the extent to which different departmentssuch as sales and marketingcan work together  Now that you have select the measures and fill them with content relevant to the target groupyou must also define timelines and responsibilities. Fix schules and deadlines as well as the interdisciplinary structuring of work areas and their.

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The marketing roadmap makes

Responsibilities make the marketing roadmap a helpful and effective communication tool tween your employees. . Visualization and communication of KY Lists the marketing roadmap Finallythe marketing roadmap nes to  present graphically. Many use spreadsheets such as Excel or software programs to create the marketing roadmap and prepare presentations. Regardless of which type of graphic representation or visualization of your roadmap you chooseyou should ensure that it is easy to understand. The roadmap is intend to facilitate communication and workwhich is why a structur presentation of this roadmap is.

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