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How to optimize your natural positioning?

Magento is a platform dedicated to online stores based in the United States. However, it has an interface available in French and French support accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Founded in 2008, the company quickly conquered the world of e-commerce by becoming one of the market leaders. when Adobe acquired the company for $1.68 billion. In June 2020, in fact, they definitively replaced the initial version (Magento 1) with a much more robust variant (Magento 2). Today, the platform hosts more than 250,000 online stores, with sales estimated at $1.5 billion.

This was confirmed in 2018

To achieve this exceptional result, it is clear that the services provided fully meet the criteria for online sales, especially in terms of SEO. However, many adjustments are required to be able to be visible on the web and obtain excellent organic traffic. Indeed, the default parameters are not all optimized for SEO.

To make the most of the possibilities available in Magento, you will need to make certain adjustments manually and download additional plugins. This is what I will reveal to you without further delay in this SEO guide on Magento 2.

How to configure Magento 2 in French SEO Optimization in Magento 2: Don’t Forget the Basics! SEO is directly related to three inseparable elements: technique, content and popularity.

Only by working on the three pillars of SEO can you position your website well in the search engine results pages ( SERP ). That’s why, before describing the best SEO optimization methods in Magento, I wanted to remind you of the basics.


SEO technique allows indexing robots to quickly crawl and understand your website. In addition, it improves the user experience ( UX ) by speeding up and simplifying navigation. Since an online store is often complex and very extensive, it is essential not to miss these Buy Telemarketing Leads settings from the moment it is launched. I will therefore give you all the tricks to optimize your site on Magento.

Quality content is essential to satisfy your reader and allow search engines to understand your topic. Develop your semantic field and focus on search intent. However, an e-commerce site usually offers a large number of similar products. And I remind you that duplicate content is not liked by Google! That’s why I will explain later how to avoid a penalty by indicating a canonical URL in Magento.

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The popularity of your website is the third major factor for good organic positioning. To be recognized for its fair value, you need KY Lists recommendations from specialists who are also known for their quality. Therefore, work on your popularity by establishing a netlinking strategy ( links pointing to your online store). As this is an external SEO optimization ( off site), there are no specificities related to Magento.

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