Competitors Competing products eg in terms of degree of innovation quality price structure Behavior of the competition e.g. use of sales policy instruments Mon / / Customer Insights – Modern market researchwith Prof. Dr. Nikola Ziehe in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. Sales market research: market sizes Sales market research differentiates between the following market product: Market potential: Amount of sales of all companies that is potentially possible Market volume: actually sold quantity of all companies in the market Sales potential: Assumption of.

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What a company can sell in the market Sales Volume: A company’s actual sales volume course operational market researcher (DIM) Methods Sweden Phone Numbers List of sales market research The information of the sales market research is obtain through research. A distinction is first made between primary research and secondary research: Primary research involves obtaining new nes-specific data through appropriate fieldwork. These include: survey observation experiment Special forms of the above methods such as panels as repeat surveys  hand includes the evaluation of existing information and data with regard to the desir information. Sources can be either internal or external to the company.

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Examples of internal company information sources: sales development cost development Field Service Reports Examples of external sources of KY Lists information: Publications of the feral and state statistical offices Chamber and association publications Reports and studies from market research institutes / management consultants etc. Specialist books specialist journals Company publications such as annual reports customer magazines etc. Do you ne support with your market research projects Contact us! Contact us for a personal consultation: Average duration: months – individually adaptableGrowth pitfalls – Challenges creat by e-commerce success / – ( votes) Starting an e-commerce business is just the first step—bigger business challenges await as online retailers begin to thrive and reinvest to scale up the business. E-commerce as a major.

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