Simply the conversion rate shows how many visitors to an online shop come active. This does not always mean the classic purchase. Subscribing to the newsletter or saving products on the notepad can also  defin as a conversion. However, a high conversion rate always shows that the site was obviously convincing.  influenc, it is also important to carry out the appropriate keyword analysisto put. For example, an online shoe shop that focuses exclusively on sports shoes will inevitably  in competition with sites that may not offer any shoes for sale at all, but only report on the history of individual brands and the like.

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Here it makes much more sense to brainstorm a little more extensively and to add terms like buy or buy online to the sports shoes .   intention and increase New Zealand Phone Numbers List the chances that the website or online shop visitor will actually generate a conversion on your website. Little competition The more competition, the harder it is to place your own page high up in the search results. When analyzing keywords, you should therefore not only pay attention to the search volume. For example, a keyword that gets searches per month and has low competition may  more promising than a keyword that gets.

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Searches but has high competition. If both terms have the same relevance, i.e. fit well with the range, you can achieve more with the less competitive KY Lists keyword. How do you find the right keywords When looking for the right keywords, it can help as a first step to ask yourself which terms you would search for when you search your own homepage. Or put differently: What would the target group type into the search engine A corresponding approach shows that the possibilities here are often more vari than it might appear at first glance. Therefore, there is usually never just one keyword.

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