Customers to give feback or by picking up on requests that are actively communicat within their target groupfor example that a natural cosmetics manufacturer have its lipstick cases made from sustainable raw materials that a chocolate manufacturer develop a savory flavor or that a financial coach provide advice on retirement provision for written by unmarri couples. Some companies also approach this path very directly. The trading and franchise company Starbucks maintains a special web platform on which customers can submit their suggestions – no matter how revolutionary or simple they may . The chocolate manufacturer Alfr Ritter also relies on.

On the one hand the playful approach

The support of its customers to develop new flavors . An interactive tool can  us on the portal to design your very own variety. makes you want to try it out Bahrain Phone Number List on the other hand the company gains first-hand information about taste  and are looking for a book a new series or a new area to live in – as customers we orientate ourselves on the  social proof . This is what marketing psychologists call the phenomenon that people base their actions on the experiences of others. As a result percent of all potential customers include the existing customer ratings in their purchase decision – this was shown by a representative survey by Bitkom Research.

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Preferences and trends Testimonials

For companies this means that those who can provide crible ratings and testimonials can attract more new customers. What makes convincing KY Lists testimonials Testimonials should  present as authentically as possible – preferably with full name and photo. It is not important to win over a prominent person for your product. Ideally the recommender corresponds as closely as possible to the buyer persona  so that the majority of all potential customers can identify emotionally with their situation . His statement should focus on the nefit of the product or service in question. More crible than a flattering -star review along the lines of everything is great I’d love to come.

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