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Suitable measures to align its marketing strategy with the individual target person. The biggest disadvantage of the customer lifetime valuehoweveris that the behavior of the customer cannot actually be prict. changing nes of the customer e.g. change from sports car to family carincipient dissatisfaction e.g. with the quality of the products or customer supportcheaper provider e.g. due to increas price awarenesschang financial situation of the customer e.g. due to loss of job. All of these factors can lead to a cust The iceberg model or.

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The visualization of the relationship level votes The iceberg model can be us in many areas of a company in internal communicationin building a Venezuela Phone Number List brand or in sales.  icebergsthe model is bas on the phenomenon that often only a fraction is visiblewhile a much larger part is hidden below the surface. But how can this be transferr to communication or brand building Iceberg Model – Definition The iceberg model refers to the two levels of communicationone visible and one invisible. If you take the cross-section of an iceberg as an examplethen there is a visible part of to percent and an invisible part of to percent. Communications and management.

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Consultants assign the terms factual level and relationship level to these two parts. The factual level is the visible part of the. Iceberg model the KY Lists relationship level is. The invisible area Factual level visiblecon scious all measurable. Countable and analyzable factors such as numbers facts. Or data such as  or drives. Iceberg model How does the iceberg model work. If you transfer the image of the iceberg to a. Companyfor examplethen you have to divide it into visible and invisible success factors. According to the iceberg model visible success factors are Corporate design uniform website Dress codes some companies have special clothinge airlines Furnishing of the rooms all offices are the same in design Behavior of employees dealing wit.

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