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Application phase early When it comes to job applications reputation management starts early namely before the relevant documents are sent. Contrary to what is often assum the mere existence of one’s own profiles on social mia channels is of course not view as negative per se. On the contrary Especially in the age of digital with however is the correspondingly post or shar content and its visibility. Classic example: a bank company will have little interest in an employee who asks for money on his private Facebook profile because he is obviously over-indebt. Likewise a doctor’s office will turn.

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Away from the application for a receptionist who regularly suffers from the consequences of a night of drinking on Monday mornings. e profits then Armenia Phone Number List buying a website would make perfect senseIs Agile Dead Discussion on agile methods & organizational principles / – votesIn more and more companies unsuccessful agile projects (SCRUMare piling up . Because one tool doesn’t seem to make a summer The use of SCRUM does not make sense in every context and a two-day training course with a multiple choice test does not make an experienc SCRUM project.

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Manager So how is it going Which tools make sense And what general conditions do we have to pay attention to for successful use Meetup KY Lists Reinventing Organizations Next Monday December rd fromp.m. we will be holding our Meetup: first serv Digital Board Nureva The agenda: Which agile methods or methods of new work are there What do agile organizational principles look like Which organizational principles are us with which methods The innovative digital board from Nureva is us: ://www.nureva/visual-collaboration Register quickly: We only have a few spots left for next Monday When Monday December rd from p.m Where DIM German Institute for Marketing GmbH Hohenstaufenring – for.

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