Marketing Basicsin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. The importance in B B marketing The importance of marketing for consumer goods seems to undisput.  Coca Cola or BMW have above-average marketing budgets and cite them as a source of growth. But what about industrial companiesB B especially in Germany. Here one occasionally seems to come across the statement that marketing is less important and sales are more importantdominates. Once you separate yourself from the pure terminology and the often power-relat distinctions within the.

Large brands such as Nike Adidas

Company you quickly realize that marketing is also more important here and therefore of greater importance than initially assum.  often equat Tongliao Phone Number List with advertising. However this is not correct since advertising is only one tool within the framework of corporate communication and it is part of the marketing mix. It is not for nothing that the marketing mix is ​​establish as an elementary set of marketing tools. Studies also show the increasing importance of marketing tools in the B B sector. Our current study on business developmentshows for example that many marketing tools in companies are locat.

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In other functional areas. Even in traditional industrial companies these functions are locat in the areas of business development marketing corporate KY Lists communications product management and sales. Marketing Buch It is therefore worthwhile to tools in B B marketing. The importance of marketing in the online world Marketing is also important in online marketing . Even if so-call SEOs online freaks and growth hackers claim otherwise. Only if companies consistently focus on customer nes and the market will they successful in the digital channels in the long term. It’s not enough to supplement your business model with a website add a few links and try to generate traffic with short-term measures . Marketing works without online But online.

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