Or seals such as Naturland Fair and Fairtrade. In contrast to the customer image of homo oeconomicus this approach accepts that customers do not always act rationally but are individually different .  Mindsets and desires. It is therefore necessary to tailor marketing activities to the nes of customers – and the DIM Persona Profiler provides the ideal basis for this. Are you looking for support for your service marketing No new talent without personnelmarketing! A fact that almost every recruiter will confirm is that talent acquisition has chang. Companies today can no longer simply post available positions on a job.

Customers have different personalities

Board and wait for applications to come in. Low unemployment rates and a culture of mobility and self-fulfillment particularly among younger  to attract Namibia Phone Number List and retain top talent. As a result companies ne to completely rethink their approach to recruiting and talent acquisition. In today’s job market the st talent has many opportunities to choose from. Consequently companies must have a competitive advantage over other companies seeking the same talent. Clever recruiters use marketing methods and tactics to differentiate their company from their competitors and attract top talent. So the question is how do companies manage.

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People make it harder than ever

To position themselves strongly in the labor market The answer HR marketing . When properly implement in its various facets HR marketing not KY Lists only ensures that existing employees engage with the company and help it to grow and thrive over the long term.  strengthens the positive image of the employer among potential employees and thus gives the company an advantage in the competitive talent market. What is personal marketing First of all it’s important to understand that HR marketing is not the same as employer branding although the two are closely relat. Employer branding is about defining your own employer brand. Recruitment marketing on the other hand is the process of promoting your.

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