Non-family memrs room to maneuver and design Create a culture of trust in your family business and always involve several decision-makers in upcoming changes. For the concrete implementation of a concept suitable for your also make use of professional help. Numerous consultancies specializing in family businesses know your challenges. Bas on years of experience we support you competently so that you can sustainably increase the competitiveness earning power and value of your family business. Seminar Marketing and sales controlling Would you like to learn more about professional success control In.

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The Marketing and Sales Controlling seminar of the German Institute for Marketing we teach you how to measure and improve the efficiency of out more Switzerland Phone Numbers List about the exact content and current dates here our seminar Marketing Basics . Green Marketing – Good Measures Bad Measures votes Marketing with a focus on environmental protection waste avoidance and sustainability This is now one of the standards that hardly any company – regardless of the industry – can still evade. However it is far from enough to give one’s previous efforts a green coat of paint. This could pose the risk of greenwashing. This guide examines the topic in.

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Detail from all sides. Green marketing measures Green Marketing The Basics The topic of environmental protection and sustainability plays an increasing KY Lists role in today’s society. The Fridays for Future movement in particular has raisĀ  a wide variety of areas of everyday life. Above all the initiator Greta Thunrg is in the limelight. The influence even goes so far that there is talk of a Greta effect . It is therefore not surprising that the topic is also playing a growing role in marketing. Here it canĀ  implement in different ways. Among other things these include eco-friendly packaging green energy for the company the production of environmentally friendly articles (i.e. the product itself as a marketing tool fundraisers On the.

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