Purchase phase. In all three phasesthe company can exert a positive influence on the strategically important points (touchpoints in order to convince the customer. The company thus accompanies the customer on his journey to the purchase.  decision can be influenc in one’s own favour. The customer journey thus makes a customer’s purchasing decision process more transparent and provides the adjusting screws for marketing and sales activities. Customer value The customer value approach makes it very easy to see what value an individual customer has for the company. Customer value helps marketing and sales.

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Focus on the right customers. This means that marketing and sales activities can be controll more efficiently. The company can use the marketing and sales budget in the most promising way since the customers are address more or less intensively Spain Phone Numbers List customer value. It thus provides a suitable value for the marketing and sales effort. Net  – Net Promoter ScoreThe Net Promoter Score has become widespread in recent years and is often us as an alternative for extensive customer satisfaction measurements. The NPS is a key figure that initially reflects the intention to recommend.

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The customer  Howeverit can be (partially transferr to customer satisfactioncustomer loyalty and future company successsince positive correlations can KY Lists be demonstrat here. In order to ensure regular monitoring of customer satisfaction and loyalty the use of the NPS in the context of customer centricity projects is recommend . Whether these or perhaps other tools are the right tools for you to better control your customer centricity always depends on the framework factors and the current situation in the company. In principlehoweverthese tools should be consider in the context of customer centricity projects. The German Institute for Marketing will be happy to support you with the introduction and use of these tools so that you can establish the goal of customer centricity in the company in the long term.

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