This analysis tool. Here’s how to get an optimal matrix Structure of the analysis Steps to build a matrix Questions with which to build a strengths/weaknesses analysis Dealing with opportunities & risks (or the dangers) From Analysis to a of a analysis A analysis should prepar in a structur and systematic manner. The following procure has come establishThe information obtain from the internal analysis from investigations into customer relationships core competencies services partnerships etc. are just as important for the analysis as the data from the external analysis which descris the company’s environment and the relevant market. Examples of external influencing factors areSocial trends economic developments politics.

Portfolio analysis components Process

Technology etc. All the data collect is summ up at the end and thus forms a clear portfolio. The portfolio is an important source of inspiration for business development projects. The picture shows the process of the ideal-typical  that allow companies to positively Tunisia Phone Number List differentiate themselves from the competition are referr to as strengths . Companies have to filter out for themselves which characteristics promote the company’s success the most and at the same time correspond to the corporate objectives so that a focus can plac on them. Characteristics that differentiate companies negatively from the competition or areas that show deficits are accordingly view as weaknesses.

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Internal strengths and weaknesses

Factors that are responsible for failures or miscalculations should determin in this step and eliminat in the future. Helpful questions for the strengths KY Lists weaknesses analysisWhat are our strengths What weaknesses do we have Where are we in the relevant success factors compar to our competitors What notable successes can we record Which orders are we losing to the competition In which areas are we the worst in competition Within the framework of the strengths-weaknesses analysis the comparative value for which the analysis of the factors is carri out is elementary. Three different dimensions of comparison are.

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