Idea of ​​how much fun it would be to use the bike that he put together himself. Such measures usually increase the desire to buy immensely. Seminar trade marketing – current sales promotion Visit our  how to develop a successful sales promotion strategy. Find out more about the content and all seminar dates here: Mon Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein Cologne or onlineInform now Mon Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein CologneInform now W Trade Marketing – sales promotion up to datein Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left Sorry fully book.

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Design Point of Sale Modern entertainment for the customer We live in a culture of experience that was unimaginable just a few decades ago.  from these Greece Phone Number List trends and design their points of sale in such a way that they do not simply  to customers without comment. They turn the product presentation at the point of sale into a real staging which above all offers potential buyers: Overview of the product in general details of the services/specifications of the service Additional information (beyond the standard information possibility of a wide choice possibility of own.

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Composition of a product Trying out a product (e.g. trying on glasses on a tablet PC using a portrait photo). In more and more cases all of this is KY Lists pack into. An overall concept that entertains the consumer in an entertaining way. This is necessary as bor customers quickly move on. Designing a POS (point of saletherefore means developing a form of entertainment that contains all the important information about the product and is structur in such a way that it is fublink html – The Google Easter egg / – votesblink html is a nice fun feature on Google. Originally the <blink> tag in HTML was intend to make.

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