Automatically post at specifi times. Tip An analysis should  carri out forehand to determine when most users are active on Pinterest or when the competition is posting as few posts as possible. Pinterest Marketing Tip  Make sure the image size is correct In order for the pins to  as appealing as possible the image size must  taken into account. Pinterest itself states that the graphics should have a minimum width of pixels. In addition according to the company the st format is or . . An image with the dimensions x pixels would  ideal but a graphic with x  pixels could also.

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Us Pinterest sample pin Pinterest Marketing Tip  Optimize pin descriptions for users As already mention Pinterest basically works no differently than . In Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List addition to the numr of pins the description and definition of the  in Pinterest marketing . The descriptions can  detail. Here the rule applies more text in the description is tter than too little text. In addition you should pay attention to the use of suitable keywords in the title and description. But  careful use advertising information or calls to action sparingly. Likewise no hashtags should  us. And Upper and lower case also plays an important role on Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing Tip  Repins ensure good visibility in search results In the search results Pinterest attaches great importance to the fact that relevant results are display.

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If your own post is repinn by another user i.e. sav on a pinboard Pinterest evaluates this positively. Your own approach should therefore  gear towards ensuring KY Lists that as many users as possible pin and save their own posts. The creativity of the company is also important here. The more creative and engaging the posts the higher the likelihood that a user will repin them. Instead of boring information for example graphics should  us for a sale set the scene in a special way. Pinterest Marketing Tip  Have a variety of pins Don’t just pin photos! Make the most of the opportunity to post diverse content to present a vari.

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