The more delicate the situation is for the company. cause the company’s reaction then has to  quick and effective in public in order to calm things down. A shitstorm and how the company deals with the criticism is also ing observ by stakeholders. only loses customers but also cooperation partners. On the other hand a shit storm can also represent an opportunity for the company by binding customers closer to the company. Skillful communication can increase the cribility of the company. If public opinion turns against them at times it shows courage sovereignty and above all creativity to get involv in the mia spectacle.

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Sometimes this moment also holds the chance to present yourself in a different light. The example of Jägermeister shows that long-establish companies Oman Phone Number List can certainly tolerate a new image. Previously the boring old man’s drink the herbal  . The most important points that a company but also a private person at aShitstorm should consider are Recognition of mia opinion as fact Critical examination of the accusations / development of understanding Respond honestly and openly to criticism. implement propos changes. Keep promise. Anyone who fulfills these points and responds openly and honestly to advice and criticism has a good chance of ending the shitstorm quickly. . Example of a shitstorm on the internet A shitstorm that spread rapidly across the world happen at the ginning of January.

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The world-famous Swish fashion brand caus unrest last year with online advertising that was perceiv as racist. The commercial featur a black boy wearing a KY Lists hoodie that read Coolest Monkey in the Jungle. It has long en clear that not so long ago the word monkey was us as a racial slur towards black people. After fierce criticism online H&M remov the ad from the internet and sincerely apologiz there. It was not uncommon for various fashion lals such as Zara to cause scandals in previous years. As a result of this scandal H&M shares.

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