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Can speak of a segment from as little as two customersbut they usually include a significantly larger number of (potential customers. The scope of the individual segments depends on the size of the company and the associat number of customers. On the other handthe size depends on the number of products or services that a company offers. marketing cookies and enable this content . Customer segmentation approaches . Customer segmentation One-dimensional approach In the one-dimensional approachcustomer segmentation takes place using a characteristic. In this wayno segments are creat in the actual sensesince no.

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Homogeneous groups are form. But even multidimensionally determin groups are no guarantee for a homogeneous customer segment.  present some Paraguay Phone Number List typical forms of the one-dimensional approach. ABC customer analysis Herecustomers are classifi according to their proportionate turnover or contribution margin. A customers are  companyB customers are important and C customers are rather unimportant. Analysis of the purchase frequency The company divides the customers into regular customersoccasional customers and one-time customers. Analysis bas on usage identity Customers are divid into two groups. The pole-heavy userswho use the product or service intensivelyface the light usersi.

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Users who use a product or service only little. This dichotomy is very roughwhich is why it may be necessary to further subdivide the customers KY Lists according to their intensity of use. Analysis of the purchase volume per purchase act This approach looks at the amount that a customer makes per purchase act. The division makes sensesince large purchase quantities offer cost advantages compar to the same purchase volume in several individual purchase acts. At this pointan analysis combin with the purchase frequency is also suitable. Howeverthis is no longer a one-dimensional approach. The advantages of the one-dimensional approach lie in the quick and easy procure with which the customer structure can be.

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