Brainwriting to more ideas votes The – – method has been an establish method in group reactive processes for decades. It can be us well to produce a large number of ideas in innovation processes with a select team of test subjects (customers employees sales partners). Method is also sometimes referr to as brainwriting.  from the staging of the creativity method: participants ideas minutes / pass on x participants receive a sheet of paper and a specific task for which they should collect ideas or alternative ideas The participants write.

The method takes its name

Down concrete ideas. Then the piece of paper is pass on and three further ideas are not on the basis of the three ideas of the precessor. Each subject Hungary Phone Number List should only see the three ideas of his precessor. After the note has been pass on x method is complet.  quality and sustainability of the ideas should not be discuss or comment on in the first round. This is regularly the task of a further step in the innovation process. The quality of the ideas and thus the output of the method can be positively influenc if the subjects are confront with the topic or the task at an early stage (e.g. when they are invit and the subjects are.

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In this way  ideas are Method The

Select to be heterogeneous but compatible. By the way a little flexibility in use does not harm the method . So: If you have five or seven  either. Then hold KY Lists a creative meeting according to . If you have people simply let groups do the exercise at the same time! Occasionally a form is us for the method but this is not strictly necessary. A simple DIN A piece of paper is usually sufficient. Method The brainwriting method has a number of advantagesLifelong learning: Why this motto is so importantA principle that experts have been preaching for a long time is now becoming more and more apparent in business and society.

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