Point of the brainstorming session is when the participants come together for around to minutes . If possiblein an informal and distraction-free atmosphere. During the implementationthe moderator must collect the amounts of the rules of conduct are observ : Criticism of any kind (including clearing your throat or laughing) is not permitt. Everyone can let their imagination run wild . Quantity comes fore quality so the more ideas the tter. There is no room for evaluating the results in this phase. Each individual idea may  taken upcombin and further develop by anyone and isso to speakcommon property . If you take a closer look.

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At this methodologyit quickly comes clear how difficult the implementation can actually  in detail. Even one participant who does not fit into the group Estonia Phone Number List can cause the entire procure to fail. Does your company want to strengthen its own creativity We gladly support you. Contact us for a personal consultation! Bastian FoersterBastian Foerster  summary and documentation of the brainstorming completes this process. mind mapping Mind mapping is a creativelogical tool for visualizing an exchange of information on a map. Common to all mind maps is the structurewhich propagates from a centerwhereby linessymbolscolorsimages or words are us. The structure that is creat in this way is much easier for the brain to.

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Understand and rememr than simple listsand is nevertheless well-order. Minmap creativity techniques The st way to compare a mind map is with a map. Main KY Lists streets/thoughts lead from the center to other places/associations and from there to /thoughts. Images and graphic elementsor moving spots in digital formcan  incorporat as desir. This graphical representation is an essential key to supporting human thinking skills and potential utilization . Characteristic of mind maps are: The topic is plac centrally. The most important ideas branch out around this center. Key images or words can  plac on the lines/twigs. Further sub-branches contain topics of decreasing importance.

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