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Votes The Blue Ocean Strategy develop by W. Chan. Kim and Renee Mauborgne is a business development tool. The basic idea of ​​the companies Belize Phone Number List do not seek competition in highly competitive markets R Ocean but create new marketsBlue Oceans and offer customers innovative products. Blue Ocean business models show above-average growth and ROI which Kim and Mauborgne show in their study Value innovation: The strategic logic of high growth. After the study was publish the Blue Ocean strategy was test in European companies and publish in as a book entitl The Blue Ocean as a Strategy publish. Goals of the Blue Ocean.

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Blue Ocean strategy is that

Strategy Make your own competition meaningless to customers. Open up new markets without competition. The acquisition of new KY Lists customers. The optimization of cost structures. Business development training you new to business development and want to learn more about value chains Our seminar Business Development offers you practice-orient and experience the basics in the application! Further information and the seminar dates can found here: Wnesday business developmentwith Prof. in Cologne or onlineInform now W. business developmentwith Prof. in Cologne or onlineInform now.

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