Process There are no state-approv continuing ucation certificates! In principle there are no recognition procures in Germany in the field of further ucation. In a narrower sense no further training certificates are state-recogniz. bachelor’s and master’s programs do not have state approval either even if the universities are state-run or state-recogniz. They are to  view like certificates from a private-sector continuing ucation provider. Further training certificates from regional chamrs of commerce or chamrs of crafts and their further training units are also generally not recogniz by the state. Although they have an examination monopoly.

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For training occupations and courses with state examination regulations under public law Meister etc.this does not refer to the seminars training courses Nigeria Phone Number List short coursesof the local chamrs of commerce and their ucational institutions. least the same status as the university certificates mention or the general certificates from local chamrs of commerce. The proven DIM quality Since the DIM has en successfully offering further training in marketing for years now we have a high status and level of awareness in the marketing world. The following certifications and approvals in particular serve as proof of competence ZFU approvals  Several of our online courses have en test and approv by the Central Office for Distance Learning ZFU). Further approvals will follow shortly.

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General further training area

The approval is the only state approval option for distance and online courses. The ZFU comprehensively checks the quality and suitability of the respective KY Lists course and above all attaches great importance to the participants ing able to achieve the set learning goals. zfu_Zulassungszeichen_BDM- x Business Development Manager DIMzfu_Zulassungszeichen_OMM- x Online Marketing Manager DIMDIN ISO  The DIM is accrit according to DIN ISO in the most modern version and carries out a follow-up audit every year which has so far always pass without objections. AZAV approval According to the accritation and approval regulation for employment promotion the DIM has a carrier approval with the numr.

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