More links from other websites to your homepage lead to a tter rating by the search engine. However quantity does not come fore quality here. The link websites should therefore  websites that are relevant to your own website. Another criterion for the evaluation by the search engine is the so-call anchor text. So the term with which your website is link. This anchor nes to connect to your website in order to  rank positively by Google.  website should  in the content. If your homepage is only link in the sidebar or in the navigation of a website Google could in the worst case perceive this as spam and penalize your website.

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Exactly the same applies by the way if you build up a backlink network too quickly for example by buying backlinks.  by Google and then also leads to a Northeast Mobile Phone Number List  negative classification in the ranking. As part of the  analysis  various tools are then us to check the numr and quality of the backlinks. Many tool providers even allow free analysis. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content  mistakes to avoid in your analysis Can’t see the forest for the trees. This well-known saying can also apply to  analysis . There is a risk of getting bogg down in the little things and losing sight of the big picture.

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When optimizing you should therefore focus on the three really important aspects of content technology and backlinks.  too quickly and work too long KY Lists on rather trivial things. In addition other errors can quickly appear in the course of website optimization. Real classics in this context are for examplekeyword cannibalism Lose track of website loading times Over-optimization of keywords Complicate navigation as page content increases Keyword cannibalism is underestimat by many webmasters. As the term suggests multiple pages that are optimiz for the same keyword get in each other’s way. If the search engine cannot clearly assign.

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