Are product reviews Product ratings are public testimonials from customers about products that can be submitt in an online shop or on an online marketplace such as Amazon. They offer customers the opportunity to share their opinion about a product and thus help other interest parties to make a purchase decision. Product ratings as decision-making aids online shopping Product reviews are characteriz by the following aspects: emotionality subjectivity often short to mium-length descriptions additional star or rating options  by the writer Customers rate the corresponding products according to their own feelings so ratings are always subjective and depending on the product also very emotional It is therefore.

Information on further evaluations

Also possible that the various ratings differ significantly from one another. Information on further ratings by the reviewer can  My Business where you Belarus Phone Number List can view all of a user’s ratings. This helps other users to get an idea of ​​the person who wrote the review and to be able to better assess the corresponding product rating . Amazon product comparison Screenshot Amazon product comparison with ratings How companies can use product reviews For companies positive product reviews are a form of advertising because  can motivate other customers to buy. In connection with the universally popular stars.

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Good reviews found for example on Google

Product ratings can also be us as a seal of quality on the website. Product ratings that also address negative aspects on the as a form of feback. Not KY Lists every dissatisfi customer takes the trouble to write down their thoughts on a specific item in an email to customer service. Instead many prefer to speak their mind publicly and either make recommendations or advance other customers. Companies should therefore always keep an eye on the channels on which their products are rat and react to negative ratings. If complaints about a product accumulate the product owner should be inform in order.

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