Marketing controlling monitors and analyzes the implementation of all marketing measures, including the use of the marketing budget. In this way, controlling also provides the necessary support for managing and controlling the company.  concept creat Basically, the creation of a marketing concept is the task of two entities in the company the marketing department and controlling. While the marketing department brings in the technical skills, the controlling department in the company is responsible for pursuing and achieving the overall corporate goals. Controlling can also  a valuable help when assessing the status quo In order to.

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Create a functioning marketing concept , you ne to answer a few questions Who is the perfect target group What are the nes of the target Group How Morocco Phone Number List is the status quo of the company to  evaluat, especially in comparison to the competition  defin in marketing Have these goals already en achiev in the past Which marketing measures have which status in the company What are the experiences from marketing measures that have already en carri out What suits the target group Which factors directly affect customer retention The answers to these questions provide the basis on which the marketing concept to  subsequently develop is bas.

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The development then takes place in the form of the components already describ, which are implement step by step. We create an individual marketing concept KY Lists for you brand managementDo you ne an individual marketing concept  existing marketing concept Feel free to contact us We will  happy to help you Phone – . Save work with marketing concept templates Marketing concepts are not only creat once. Marketing goals and customer nes are changeable. It is therefore advisable to build a template that can  appli to individual projects. For example, you can use Excel to list all the. 

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