Indispensable in the context of business development projects. It is therefore recommend as an instrument in almost every strategic context.  well-known tool in the field of strategic marketing management. The analysis is an internal strengths-weaknesses analysis and an external opportunities-threats analysis. is an English acronym and the initials stand forStrengths = Strengths (S) Weaknesses = Weaknesses (W) Opportunities = Opportunities (O) Risks = Threats (T) Contents . AnalysisWhat is it . analysisim plementation Process.

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A analysis Internal strengths and weaknesses External Opportunities and Risks Analysis (OT) Creation of a portfolio Derive standard strategies from the portfolio . analysissources of information . analysisuse in marketing . analysis video. with a checklist . Checklist for analyzing relevant strengths and weaknesses . Checklist for analyzing the  . AnalysisWhat is Thailand Phone Number List it A analysis is a strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analysis. Internal strengths and weaknesses (Strengths – Weaknesses) as well as external chances and risks (Opportunities – Threats) can determin on the basis of these in order to align strategies and measures of a company more specifically and efficiently.

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The analyz external risks represent a threat to the corporate strategy. In business development the analysis is one of the st-known and most common KY Lists tools. However the analysis only offers effective add value if it is carri out conscientiously and in detail. The analysis helps to answer the most important questionsWhat is the initial situation within the company What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company What challenges does the market and the corporate environment pose What strategic options are there due to the current and future situation How should the strengths us correctly What do we want to do to compensate for our weaknesses . analysisimplementation In order to properly conduct a analysis one should familiarize oneself with the structure and application.

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