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Percent of their annual turnover if they disregard the provisions of the regulation. It remains to be seen whether the warnings will stand up in court. Politicians have also become active at this point According to mia reportsthe Union parliamentary group is planning to ban GDPR warnings by amending the law at least within a period of one year. After allwith such a comprehensive changeunconscious violations cannot be completely avoid. changes specifically for CRM systems Nevertheless sooner or later all websites whose target group are people residing in the EU must be GDPR-compliant – regardless of whether.

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The headquarters of the associat organization is inside or outside the EU! The linchpins of many pages are the CRM systems which is why there is a great ne for action here. For exampleit must be ensur that as little customer data as possible is process. But New Zealand Phone Numbers List of course it doesn’t work entirely without personal data. Howevera company must be able to provide legally compliant evidence of its customer data. In additionit must also be document in the CRM tool if a customer has object to the use of his personal data. In order for your CRM to meet the requirements of the.

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You should not onlybut above alltake the following two points to heart Obtain the consent of your users It is best to record the consent requir for KY Lists the processing of personal data electronically and log the whole thing in your CRM system. . In contrast to the single opt-inthe customer must confirm their consent in a second step. Converselythis means The customer can also expressly state that he does not want to be contact by email or telephonefor example. In your CRM toolyou should be able to centrally manage the consent or prohibition notices of your customers in order to fulfill your obligation to provide evidence Make.

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