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Queues At the same time chatbots and the like are an important means of online customer loyaltythan that they relieve the employees of a company.  customer loyalty with the help of a newsletter Of course your customers must give their consent to receive a newsletter from you on a regular basis. This is what data protection wants according to the GDPR. Nevertheless this is probably the most classic form of online customer loyalty. Anyone who sends newsletters at regular intervals not only stays in the minds of their addressees but also has the opportunity to spread individual offers discount codes and the like in an uncom plicat way.

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Incidentally with regard to the newsletter the same applies as in connection with free samples: the people who register for your newsletter already Kazakhstan Phone Number List have a fundamental interest in getting to know your company or your products better.  customer relationship has been laid. Online customer loyalty in social networks In the field of marketing social networks have become true miracle weapons when it comes to bringing your company back to the attention of long-standing regular customers and engaging in online customer loyalty . What is particularly characteristic here is that it often does not take large discount campaigns.

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To ensure a high level of attention. It is often sufficient to remind customers of their own competence with pictures of the team or postings about KY Lists products and successfully complet projects. If your posting is lik this will ideally and  setting be display to your customers’ friends in the timeline and your level of awareness will increase while at the same time you will be in the area of ​​online customer loyaltywork. Social Mia Seminar Would you like an overview of the most important issues in social mia marketing or do you ne tips and tricks from social mia experts Then find out more about our social mia seminar now Mon Social Mia.

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