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Customer-specific which is why the calculations of relevant factors. Such as order quantity and value type of customer current special. Offers or country-specific issues must be dealt with as quickly as possible so that  a certain extent. . Add value of customer retention as a reward Despite the increasing challenges for B B companies especially in the course of digitization it is worth accepting them. The economicadd value that a regular customer brings with regular purchases is ultimately offset by the high effort and associat costs of acquiring new customers . Customer loyalty is therefore a very important factor which is why.

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The opportunities to strengthen this bond should be exhaust in every form. This also includes resorting to a tool that has long been mia . But if you dare to take this step you have to take it completely because half-heartly or unprofessionally manag appearances Oman Phone Number List on social mia quickly have the opposite effect to the desir effect.mia presence is not only us for customer loyalty although customer proximity can be built up in this way not only for existing customers but also for potential new customers. Digital marketing is therefore relationship maintenance and customer acquisition at the same time which is.

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Business Development Manager. The quality of the relationship In theory it’s A. Aimple KY Lists calculation the customer buys regularly from the same supplier so he must be happy with that one. However it is difficult to understand exactly how satisfi the customer is bas on this behavior alone. In fact however there are ways and means of expressing the quality of the relationship between provider and customer in figures and taking appropriate measures to improve it if necessary Customer loyalty.

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