Online pinboard where images are arrang in tiles. This pinboard can  freely design link to a topic and shar. The advertisements on Pinterest are play into the series of images.  picture tiles. The strength of Pinterest is that users search for new ideas with a specific intention. They are open to unknown brands and products which companies can use for themselves. However you should make sure that you also regularly post ad-free content that offers users add value. The following topics are particularly interesting for the user on Pinterestauty DIY products interior Cook fitness Fashion Pinterest is definitely worth a look for companies in these sectors.

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Amazon amazon Sourceamazon When customers are looking for a specific product they don’t necessarily use a search engine like Google or Bing. They often type the product respective e-commerce Hong Kong Phone Numbers List platform. If a company only places search engine ads it misses out on potential customers. Ads on Amazon can help for example in the form of a banner that appears at the top of the product list. An alternative is to highlight products as Sponsor Products on the results page. It is also possible to place advertisements on the ge or on a product page. However fore companies place an ad on Amazon they should optimize their products. cause then the.

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Campaigns are more successful has good pictures texts and reviews. These increase the click-through and conversion rate of the product which also affects the campaign. On the other KY Lists hand the product page should  optimiz for relevant keywords. Amazon only displays advertisements for a search term if the keyword also appears on the product page. In addition to these four hidden champions  there are many other channels that are worth taking a closer look at. In eology’s white paper Paid Advertising – Your Guide to High-Performance Campaigns those.

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