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Running costs even during use. According to some experts replacing printers copiers and computer screens that are ten years old or older can ruce energy consumption by up to percent. It is therefore worth taking a look at the technical data which are now made transparent for all devices and sellers. The purchase itself also offers the  investment from taxes and thus experience financial advantages. If the devices are also completely disconnect from the power supply when they are not in use which is easily possible with the help.

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Of a power strip this effect is even greater. Change the water supply For a clear head in everyday office life it is of course important to drink enough Bolivia Phone Number List fluids. The classic plastic bottles still dominate especially in small and mium-siz offices. solution either from an environmental point of view or from a financial point of view. Instead the costs are around . euros per bottle which can make a significant difference in the long run. Add to this is the logistical effort which should not be underestimat with which the stock has to be replenish again.

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Again The water dispenser with gallons is an extremely practical alternative. Suitable offers are available even for small offices with six or more KY Lists people. On the one hand this ruces the amount of plastic waste that accumulates over time. per liter of water drops by up to percent in this way. In this way the initial investment pays for itself after just a short time. Even small offices can expect annual savings in the three-digit range. Delivery notes and invoices by e-mail In many offices it is still common to send invoices and delivery notes by post. These companies are of the opinion that the customer would be more.

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