We are well train But is this really the truth Can’t we get even tter Do new ways and approaches make sense With nchmarking continuously optimize its services. nchmarking nchmarking – A definition for everyday marketing nchmarking descris a company’s ongoing process of striving to improve performance and or external st performances.The aim of nchmarking is to look for comparative values ​​and guide values ​​( nchmarks ) e.g. with regard to relevant KPIs such as costs time quality results customer satisfaction etc. which are representative of the st processes and methods in an industry or possibly.

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Also cross-industry nchmarking is usually us for quality assurance but also for observing the competition and analyzing efficiency. It is important to identify Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List and exploit potential. For example marketing units can  systematically guid to top performance ( st in class ) along defin key performance indicators (KPIs). Three types of nchmarking analyzes can  distinguishInternal nchmarking Competitive nchmarking (within an industry) Cross-industry nchmarking Objects of nchmarking can  products services strategies processes organizational structures methods sales.

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Units procures etc The point is not to copy other companies but to gain insights into what other companies are doing tter and why chmarking can KY Lists thus  describ as a structur learning process. Typical questions in the context of nchmarking can  for exampleIn which areas is our competitor particularly strong What do others do tter than ourselves How do others deal with the current trends What measures can we take to improve ourselves aspects such as return on sales product contribution margins marketing/sales expenses or recall/recognition values ​​can  record and on the other hand qualitative aspects such as the collection of processes framework conditions qualifications capacities or tools. The following table gives an overview of possible nchmarking parameters.

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