You use your customer potential for something like this wine gifts Wine Marketing Tip Use Pinterest for your winery Pinterest has come increasingly popular in Germany in recent years! Wine retailers can also use Pinterest sensibly.mia strategy with Facebook and Instagram the possibilities with this platform are very interesting. Pinterest has a fundamental advantage over Instagram and Facebook. You share your images from the website on this platform once and do not have to continuously produce new content The effort is.

Wine Marketing Tip Storytelling for

Therefore very manageable. So it’s a good time to take a closer look at Pinterest. Pinterest Create an account and post pictures of your winery Changsha Mobile Phone Number List vineyard or wines on Pinterest so that you can  seen. Find out more about using Pinterest in marketing here .  you too With stories you reach people! Customers don’t just want to drink a cheap bottle of wine!! Ah! STOP! customers. Many customers of discounters and numerous online shops are price-driven. The entry-level price segment also has significant volume. BUT! The art of marketing is to position yourself in the customer’s imagination.

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My winery my wine my wine dealer or even MY WINZER differentiates you from the discount! The moment a customer makes his wine from KY Lists wine he is emotionally bound to you the brand or the product. Brand management is bas precisely on this mechanism. Stories are precisely the emotional anchor for this effect. Use this. Tell stories about your winery the work the wines and your ideas. Let customers have their say and emotionalize your product. What makes you your company and your products special What can you report about yourself winery.

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