Especially for employees who are planning a long career in the company. However if a job change is imminent employees should carefully weigh up the nefits of company training as other companies may not honor the certificates they have obtain. companies also offer on-the-job training  in which the learner does not attend a seminar but is instruct by an experienc colleague or a coach at the workplace. In this way knowlge transfer takes place while working without the learner ing able to prove the results as further training or enrich his CV with it Further training through IHK seminars The Chamrs of Industry and Commerce.

In addition to in-house seminars many

Offer numerous further training courses that are accept and recogniz in companies throughout Germany. Technical and manual trades in particular appreciate Azerbaijan Phone Number List the learning content cause it relates to concrete practice and allows graduates to apply The new knowlge directly. nes that arise such as seminars on solar technology energy-efficient insulation and smart home technology. Interest parties can personally clarify which further training is available for the individual at an IHK advice center on site Continuing ucation seminars of the professional associations Anyone interest in industry-specific further training can find out.

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The topics are adapt to the specific

About current offers on the website of the respective professional association. Sectors such as nursing ucational sciences insight into the current programs KY Lists and already offer insight into the specific module structure of the events Offers from the Employment Agency Even people who are already employ receive support from the employment office when it comes to further training. There are different support programs to choose from which employees and the self-employ can find out about from the relevant employment agency at their place of residence ormeans that customer contact already gins at the advanc level. On the other hand if you ar New Learning Interest.

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