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Level of ucation Regional distribution of the population income distribution Nureva Wall & Nureva Span Workspace – Agile methods realiz with a Uganda Phone Number List digital wallvotes) Agile methods and collaborative approaches are always associat with post-its white walls and moderation cards. Kind of strangemodern collaboration tools are implement using old-fashion methods. But there is another way as the Nureva Wall and the associat software Nureva Span Workspace show The Nureva Wall – the interactive smartboard The Nureva Wall is a combination of an interactive smartboard and virtualization and collaboration software. The Nureva Wall offers all the functions that are also known from a classic interactive whiteboard. You can work interactively on the wall and show.

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Prepar image materials or canvases as well as presentations. In addition the Nureva Span Workspace enables interactive collaboration with smartphones KY Lists tablets and computers of participants at meetings or seminars. The Nureva Wall thus offers the advantage of digitizing collaboration in agile teams and ing able to share the jointly it content directly. and bas in Calgary Canada. Nureva develops software and hardware solutions for effective team collaboration. Nureva’s core products are the Nureva Wall and the Nureva Span Workspace. Nureva Wall An innovative team room offers a multitude of advantagesLarge-format interactive work surfaces in the meeting room Promotes interactive exchange A PC can connect to multiple projectors to form a large digital wall Can us with various end devices such as interactive displays interactive projectors interactive.

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