Determin individually for each company and each product. low are two examples of a customer’s journey. Customer journey using a An interest party comes. Aware of the new Gillette body as a result of an. Online campaign awareness. Since Gillette also invests in search engine optimization interest parties are direct to the company’s website Favora bility in the course of their research.  details increases interest in the razor. The customer is now considering the purchase and for example finds out about the experiences of other users with the product on rating portals Consideration.

The good presentation of the product

The good ratings of the other users transform the initial interest into a concrete purchase wish Intent to Purchase.  razor again on the Internet in Uruguay Phone Number List order to make the purchase conversion. At this point it is advantageous to easy to find and to have a conversion-optimiz website. This description makes it clear that consumers go through a numr of stages on the way to making their purchase decision. It turns out that not only the last step in which the conclusion took place is important for the purchase. Rather it is the entirety of the phases that must analyz and optimiz. If there hadn’t en an online campaign to gin with the process might not have gotten off the ground. Customer journey workshops Get a comprehensive insight.

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Gillette electric razor as an example

Into the most important aspects of customer journey mapping. From strategy to optimization in our intensive workshop Customer Journey! More KY Lists information can found here: Tuesday . . Customer Journey – Development and design of the. Customer journeyin Cologne or Customer Journey Development and design of the. customer journeyin Cologne or onlineInform now. Customer Journey – Development and design of the customer journeyin Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book. . Customer journey using the example of a visit.

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