Intensive monitoring of the resultsUse PR strategy successfully in the long term. sales promotion instruments such as displays sales folders or sales promotions for your sales promotion strategy. Find out more about the content and seminar dates here: worth it these days / – ( votes) Newsletter marketing us to be just as much a part of company marketing as social mia marketing is today. Companies are always thinking of new modern ways to reach their customers. When acquiring new customers it is even more important to use unusual means of communication and thus reach a broad target group. In order to bind existing customers.

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To the company and to reach as many customers as possible at the same time newsletters us to be the ultimate solution. Butmarketing Social mia are becoming more and more popular – and are they replacing newsletters  on social networks to get Qatar Phone Number List in touch with their target group. Depending on the target group different platforms are suitable for contact. The most popular social networks are: Facebook to reach a particularly wide audience Instagram as an image-bas network Pinterest to create image-bas links to your own company XING and LinkIn for pure B B contacts Before companies create profiles.

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On social mia they should analyze their target audience . Who are the main people to address Most social platforms on the Internet have a rather young KY Lists user base which is not attractive for every company. Newsletters on the other hand only address their own target group and are therefore clearly at an advantage. A newsletter brings together the most interesting information so that the reader can find out the most important things about the company with pinpoint accuracy. The only drawback: readers have to actively opt for the newsletter In this.

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