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Employees and budget. More and more often one encounters companies that are paralyz by the self-creat complexity of softwarata and customer segments rather than making them more effective and efficient. Hence my tip Segmentation is essentialbut the number of customer segments to be form should always be decid in parallelalso taking into account the human resources and marketing budgets that can be realiz in the organization . of customer segmentsas is so often the case in other areasless is sometimes more (at least at the beginning. Frank K. PohlManagement Consultant at boomeo by Frank K. Pohl Consulting Expert.

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Tip Customer Centricity – Expert Claudia HarichFor successful customer centricity in the B B areaa company must consciously focus on its most important Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List customers and make this focus visible within the company. Therefor the of your most important customers in your corporate planning at an early stage Who are your key accounts account How does he measure his success What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key account What chances and potentials result from this for mutual growth Conduct a structur customer analysis and adjust your own customer planning to the customer’s wishes.

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What are the goals of the key

When designing your service packageconsistently focus on the customer benefits How can you create add value for the customer With which services can you KY Lists make a name for yourself with customers How can you help your customers to be  Connect your goals with the interests of the customer and develop future scenarios together with your customers. Concentrate your resources on the essentials and only deliver the additional benefits and services that your customers regard as valuable and important. Thereforeask your customers directly for their opinion. Enter into dialogue with your customers and support them in gaining competitive advantages through.

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