Article Break Free from the Product Life Cycle. With professional reverse positioning, you free yourself from the classic process of the product life cycle by repositioning and thus avoid the degeneration phase of your offer. In the long term, you create trust and a high level of customer loyalty . The focus is on building brand value and creating awareness of your brand. Online course for Certifi Product Managers  Learn the most important concepts, approaches and methods in product management in the Certifi Product Manager  course and flexibly train yourself to come.

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A successful product manager. Find out now and start now! method of reverse positioning The core of reverse positioning is to generate a new unique Belize Phone Number List selling proposition and to reposition yourself as a company or brand . the product important properties that are expect of a mature product. Then add a few well-chosen properties. This gives your product a new competitive position and allows it to develop backwards. reverse positioning Reverse positioning is particularly suitablefor services, as customers are overwhelm with too many options and possibilities and therefore prefer not to have them However in return.

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There must some special and rare perks as well as simplicity to satisfy customers with the stripp-down service. However, other companies find that customers want these many attributes and consider them essential. and more add to the old properties, so KY Lists that the consumer gets us to it and the product is constantly improv. Youngme  of criticism and says that these companies themselves ensure that their product eventually reaches the degeneration phase. In contrast, reverse positioners assume that customers want something more than the base or starting product, but don’t ne an endless supply of new features. This assumption hind reverse positioning leads to.

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