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Emotions If Jung still assum that archetypes can be inherit today we know that they are learn i.e. rather represent social-psychological or cultural-anthropological phenomena. The theory of archetypes can be connect to modern neuropsychological theories because – to paraphrase Daniel Kahnemann – it stands for the fast thinking in our brain.  preconscious not reflect. Archetypes and their motives exist in the collective unconscious and they are also spontaneous preconscious and unreflective – in contrast to the thinking of the conscious self (Jungwhich stands for the slow thinking (rational conscious reflective Kahnemann How did you.

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Come to define new archetypes bas on characters in blockbusters I was dissatisfi with conventional models. Why The first model I us in Malaysia Phone Number List consulting for brands was that of Mark & ​​Pearson or Neuroversum (a joint venture between the advertising agency Scholz Friends and the Spiegel Institute in Mannheim). That was in .  archetypal brand study a client ask me why only male archetypes appear in the model. In all honesty I didn’t have an answer to that. Especially since the most important archetype we have – the mother – was simply suppress in the models by Mark & ​​Pearson and Neuroversum. And I hadn’t notic that until now embarrassing.

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So I went in search of a better model and found one at the advertising agency Young & Rubicam. Y&R develop a  and also establish shadow archetypes KY Lists which play a very important role in Jung. The model consists of archetypes and shadow archetypes. Shadow archetypes are important because brands also have negative facets and these ne to be overcome. If you only analyze positive archetypes you simply leave out an important part of reality. The Y&R model stay with me for quite a while. The weakness of the model It uses terms for archetypes that are strongly reminiscent of mieval myths such as troubadour or shadow witch. At best these terms sound a bit outdat at worst esoteric. I want to develop a model that.

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