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Mobile devices have become

With disconnections this poses a real problem – for example when it comes to meeting deadlines. And another problem arises in the technical implementation: loading times . If it feels like an eternity before websites can be set up or citizens can use an electronic service the whole thing quickly becomes a frustrating experience. Ease of use: use Usability – i.e. user-friendliness – is one of the essential aspects for citizens to deal with the digitization of authorities. Ultimately the goal is to make administration more easily accessible and to simplify processes. However this can only work if the website or the citizen service: is easily accessible.

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Is clearly structur is accessible. What does this mean in practice Accessibility requires that citizens as users do not  digital service portfolio. Example Macedonia Phone Number List of registering after moving: If the form can only be found after five or six mouse clicks half of the users have usually already given up. But usability also means that operation is intuitive – without causing confusion. Important elements must be easy to find and clearly mark. Otherwise digitization will become a pure paper tiger that nobody will want to use. And whose potential simply and simply threatens to fizzle out. Mobile use: Smartphones have become more important Being present online.

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Many municipalities and authorities are satisfi with that. However market observations such as those by BITKOM show that  very important in recent KY Lists years. Their integration into digital authorities is trend-setting – but not yet presentable everywhere. Especially when it comes to the fully digital use of public administration other countries are ahead of Germany. But: Authorities and municipalities can at least think about mobile use when information is available. That means: The optimization of the website for mobile devices – responsiveness – must not be lost sight of. Especially the generation of adolescents which grew up with the mobile internet and smartphones.

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