Logistics are elec trifi  However this gold standard has not yet been reach anywhere and according to unanimous opinion it will still take a very long time before that happens. The packing The recently updat and tighten packaging law is intend to ensure that the online mail order business is integrat into a clearly structur return system.  every packaging is its own environmental problem. Cardboard boxes and many filling materials can be recycl. However all this consumes energy. And depending on the dealer a certain percentage of problematic materials also remain – such as adhesive tapes and upholstery materials.

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The returns Returns are a greatly underestimat environmental aspect of online trading. The fact is however that depending on the industry a good USA Phone Number List percent of all orders return to the company. Additional specifically doubl logistics effort Additional effort for repackaging and returning to inventory Certain products that can no longer be sold and therefore have to be destroy or re-produc. Green eCommerce Not to be mention here is the tiny  who destroy returns on a large scale – the topic is currently being push up by a motion for a ban by the Greens; in fact according to estimates by the University of Bamberg the total degree of destruction of return goods is a moderate four percent of the total volume.

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Additional packaging for shipping

Of all returns and largely includes food plants micines underwear and the like. . How can I improve my online trade in terms of the environment As the KY Lists problems in the first chapter have shown not everything is in the hands of the retailer – it is simply impossible to influence what customers do with the free time gain through online shopping. However there are certainly points where levers can be appli. clean up electricity One of the most important measures to do this is to make it green by switching the power consumption that the company inevitably has . Means: You look for a provider/tariff for green electricity switch.

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