Such as opening times or similar can record with the data highlighter. In the st case these are then display directly in the search engine. By the wayWith a tool for creating structur data the Google Search Console also enables a suitable approach to creating this data. You can also test these with the tool. Mobile friendliness users are using their smartphone or tablet to access content on the web. For this reason mobile device friendliness is a key quality criterion for Google and therefore plays an increasingly important role in.

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Website optimization There is a useful feature in the Google Webmaster Tools that shows how well your website is suitable for mobile devices. content Nepal Phone Number List can optimally display on mobile devices and carries out automat ad hoc tests for this purpose. In the associat report you can see whether there are currently display problems and which links are affect. If you have eliminat any errors you can check Google for troubleshooting with one clickrequest a revalidation of the corresponding pages. We create your individual website! Would you like your own website We are your implementation partner! We design your website and take into account the most important factors so that your website is successful. Additional functions.

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Apart from the functions present there are other options in the Search Console that you can use to analyze the visibility of your website KY Lists and optimize it for search engines. For example Google accommodates users with a practical  problems with crawling malware or general server problems. In addition users can also inform when the CMS has carri out a software update. Interest webmasters will also find further support for reports on the user-friendliness of advertisements which can also us to improve them. Familiarize yourself with all the tools available and check the Search Console regularly so that you are always up-to-date with regard to your website. How does the Google Search Console.

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