Information but just can’t get it. Another classic mishap is thisSuppose a customer asks for some information on a brand’s website and is therefore referr to a retailer. However now he has to look for this dealer himself on the website. . The whole thing should actually work in such a way that this lead is given the opportunity to enter their data. Then he should get detail information about the next dealer or ideally  contact directly by him. That would  well organiz lead routing.Lead Controlling – when control is tter than trust We start with the topic of lead controlling with the true meaning of the word controlling.

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Here you might think directly the word comes from the English-speaking world. An attempt is often made to explain this by saying  but . However Bolivia Phone Number List this is not the case cause controlling is a German invention. If we take a closer look in most companies controlling also means control. Nevertheless lead controlling includes the control and management of the lead management process. Please click here to accept marketing cookies and enable this content What exactly does lead controlling include Lead controlling is specifically about mapping the entire process of lead management.

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This means that all process steps of lead management are check and evaluat. In this way optimization potential and efficient or inefficient tools are KY Lists to  identifi. In other words  lead controlling is a check of the previous work in lead generation  lead nurturing  lead scoring and lead routing . Lead Controlling Now the question arises as to which KPIs you can collect to control the lead management process you have set up. Controlling here means ensuring a functioning process. You can find out how you can carry out your lead controlling in a structur and serious manner in our seminar Acquisition  Our experts will help you to design your controlling successfully. Further information and booking dates can  found hereThursday Acquisition Modern Lead Management.

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