Optimization that deals with the content on a page. In the first step, of course, the text plays an important role. This should offer the visitor what he expects. Content  keywords It is absolutely essential here that the right keywords are us in a pleasant density. Here it would definitely  wrong to proce according to the motto More is always tter!. Such keyword stuffing is both perceiv as annoying by the users and rat negatively by the search engine. It is therefore important not to use the keywords in an inflationary manner but instead to use them in the right.

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Places Pictures However one aspect that is often forgotten when it comes to website  is that not only text but also images have to  adjust accordingly. After South Korea Phone Numbers List all, the search engines search not only text blocks, but also image captions.if photos and co. and . meta data Last but not least, it is also essential to pay attention to the correct content of the meta data. To put it simply, meta data is an aid that is intend to make it easier to find information on the web. They represent a small summary of the content of your website. The user also sees the so-call meta description in the search engine. These are the few characters or details that are display for the.

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Respective link and are intend to invite you to click on the corresponding homepage. It is therefore all the more important to pay attention to the KY Lists metadata, among other things. After all, they decide whether the user finds a page interesting or not. If the overall package – consisting of technical AND content-relat  – is right, the chances of a low bounce rate and increas popularity with the respective target group are good. Online Marketing Manager  Online Marketing Manager  – certificate course Whether , SEA or other online marketing measures. The Online Marketing Manager  certificate course.

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