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Security contributions or income tax for the gifts if they do not exce the monthly euro limit. Manage advertising material – This is how promotional items are to be taken into account in the annual financial statements If promotional items are still available on the balance sheet date because they will not be distribut or sent to customers until the following yearyou must enter their acquisition or production costs under raw materials and supplies. It is therefore essential to take these into account during the inventory.  a complete inventory. There are digital tools to make inventory at the end of the financial year easier.

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With an ERP system like lexbizzfor exampleyou always have an overview of your merchandise management. This saves you unnecessary Italy Phone Numbers List administrative work and consequently time and money. It also helps you to keep track.  for the essentials. Howeverit is not just minor giveaways that ne to be taken into account in the course of the inventory. Advertising mia with a higher value that are still available on the balance sheet date must not be forgotten either . This can befor examplisplays or sales shelves that serve to present the product. It is important not to book the costs incurr for these items as advertising expenses. Ratherit is about operating or office equipment that is to be treat accordingly. As a resultit is important.

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To write off these advertising materials over their expect useful life as part of the annual financial statement work. You can find out more about KY Lists the strategy and planning of your marketing processes and cost policy in the course of the Fundamentals of Marketing Planning & Conception . Find out more about the content and dates here Sales controlling – identify and use optimization potential .votes Sales controlling is of great importance for functioningsuccessful sales. As part of corporate controllingall sales activities are check in the course of sales controllingand necessary optimizations are determin and implement. After allsuccessful sales are crucial to the success of the.

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