The almost identical) products for women are on another far away shelf. As a result men and women only compare products on their shelf and do not see the other variant. An example: The shaving foam Isana Men Sensitiv from Rossmann costs – in pink – for women . euros ( mL). The price for the male counterpart with mL is . euros.  of more than percent! Get to know your customers and your market better! Register now for the seminar Customer Insights – Modern Market Research. Tips for the practical use of.

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Gender marketing When developing your marketing strategy be sensitive to the different nes and interests of men and women. Use market UK Phone Number List research to determine the actual nes of each gender. The differences in addressing  already be taken into account when developing the product. That’s why professional gender product design. Conceive products of the same kind which are adapt in design to the respective gender. Address every level of communication: product name wording design and material should be gender specific. Develop gender-specific advertising campaigns.

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Women don’t like clichés they like humour inspiration and realism. Work with emotions children people families animals or role models such as models KY Lists business women or mothers as eye-catchers. Men tend to like loud music competitive situations action-pack plots and leaders as protagonists. The PoS design must also be gender-specific: Feminine means inspiring design examples of use clarity variety of product range bright rooms emotional appeal and a minimum of technology. Masculine criteria are: Generous presentation of goods concentration on a few quality products test and comparison reports full rooms rational address and technical details. Especially in the field of technical products no development should be carri out according to the motto: shrink it and pink it! Top or flop – examples of successful.

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