Self mission tactics To person Gelhausen Holger Gelhausen Managing director  Ltd Holger Gelhausen works as a consultant in the field of New Work and Agile Transformation at the German Institute for Marketing .  memr of a large system house founder of several companies  Digital Analytics Institute GmbH and work as a consultant for international corporations in Seattle Rmond and Washington. Central questions in companies are oftenWhat do attractive concepts and frameworks look like that encourage managers and employees to develop their own navigation skills in complex environments where one does not have reliable knowlge but can only test it.

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Expert interviewCrisis marketing – the new Marketing . as an interactive innovation offensive in the crisis Scandals industrial  highly topical pandemics Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List there are many causes of crises and often the market and customers are particularly affect. Crises set the pace for innovations and repositioning – this is the conclusion Prof. Dr. Jan Lies Professor of  at the FOM University of Economics and Management in Dortmund. The following interview with the expert shows what role marketing can and should play in times of value orientation and digitization arketing is.

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Typically carri out pro-cyclically cause companies’ financial leeway is decreasing. So what role can marketing play in the crisis That depends on the crisis KY Lists since a crisis is not always the same. A corporate financial crisis caus by scandals involves less customer-centric potentials than market-centric crises. Let’s take the corona pandemic as the current crisis. Since the pandemic is not primarily a cost crisis but a sales crisis for many companies procyclical marketing management means that it comes a crisis accelerator. That is why the current situation requires intensifi customer contact. DIMDon’t you think that companies are also aware that companies.

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