Of awareness or the number of recipients. Information phase and marketing In the second phase of the marketing canvas the information phase of the target group and the marketing of the organization face each other. The target customer has identifi his problem but does not know how to solve it. Therefore in this phase he is actively looking for a solution to the problem. With suitable marketing measures an institution can now animate the target group to take action. It is important at this point to analyze the search of the target group and to know the touch points.

The success of these measures is

With your own institution. Bas on this analysis the channels to be us can then be select with as many touchpoints as possible to the target group in Indonesia Phone Number List order to be perceiv accordingly and to draw the target group’s attention to the solution to the problem.measur by the interaction that comes about with the target group via the target group-relevant channels e.g. visiting times on websites or the click behavior of visitors. Interaction KPIs must therefore be determin for this phase. Performance Marketing Seminar Would you like to find out exactly which possibilities performance marketing offers and how you.

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Action phase and sales In

Can use them optimally for you Then find out more about our performance marketing seminar now. performance marketing with Cologne or online KY Lists Inform now Thursday  performance marketing with Prof. Dr. Michael Bernecker in Cologne or onlineInform now Legend:Free places available.Only a few places left!Sorry fully book.  the  phase and sales form the third step. The target group knows the solution to their problem and makes an active request. The company therefore nes sales. This must manage the processing of inquiries with the aim of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Only then will there be a successful outcome of the measure us or a use of the service and possible orders. In the action phase.

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